Elegant Book

The Elegant Book highlights an innovative design. With sober and delicate lines, the ideal photo book is presented to enclose memories of your wedding or special event.
Chosen for its extreme elegance and for the attention to many small details, the Elegant Book is fully customizable. Lots of covers , materials and colors available.

Rilief overprint

Mini books for parents

It’s the reduced version but proportionate to the main album. Possibility of choosing between different materials and colors. Print available on lustre paper or silk paper.

Professional binding

Customizable satin ribbon

Customizable satin ribbon with possibility of writing names and dates, available in different colors.

Exclusive Elegant Box

Container with elegant and refined lines, the Elegant Box is available in all materials and colors.
External and internal customization with embossed writing and / or logo on the material. Internal customization with photo printed directly on the material or laminated in matt texture.

Laminated interior photo

Direct printing on material

Exclusive Elegant Box Bicolor

The outer panels will be of the same material and color as the inner panels.
The edge of the box, on the other hand, can be of different material and color.

Elegant Box Plex

The Elegant Box Plex has the upper and lower lid covered with material. The edge, on the other hand, is made up entirely of transparent plexiglass, making the internal photo book visible.

Vertical format:
20 x 30
25 x 35
30 x 40

Square format:
20 x 20
25 x 25
30 x 30
35 x 35
40 x 40

Horizontal format:
30 x 20
35 x 25
40 x 30

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