Print Card

Photo printed and applied on a card.
Also available with the Passe-partout with the very fine 45° cut.


Card Details

The Card is a photographic print coupled to a card. Overall, the weight will be equal to 500 g.
The Cards can also be made with the Passe-partout whose weight will be equal to 800 g.
The internal print is available on paper: Lustre, Silk, Velvet, Fine-Art matta and Fin-Art linen
The Passe-partout we use is canvas and has the characteristic of being finely handcrafted with the classic 45 ° cut.

Passe-partout cards

Memory Base

The cards can be supported by the memory base in plexiglass

  • Available formats: 15x20cm and 20x30cm
  • Customization with supplement
  • Can also be ordered individually

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